This album came about as a result of Bill being faced with the daunting prospect of performing at Sonisphere Festival, Knebworth, in front of a huge crowd of (quite possibly) rain-drenched metal-heads, there to see the likes of Slipknot. Bill thought there might be safety in numbers and set about putting together a band. He was very fortunate to assemble a great bunch of musicians, especially as it turned out to be the biggest gig of his life to date with over 60,000 in the crowd. Despite its title, Bill Bailey In Metal is an album of many musical styles, which will delight both metal and non-metal fans alike as Bill commits his inimitable genre-fusing and foreign language infused meaningful whimsy to CD.


  1. Lazer Gazer
  2. Leg of Time (Metal Version)
  3. Love Song (Metal Version)
  4. Apocalyptic News (Metal Version)
  5. Scarborough Fair (Rammstein Style)
  6. Cars (Metal Version)
  7. Das Hokey Kokey (Metal Version)
  8. Oblivion (Metal Version)
  9. Pot Plant Elegy (Metal Version)

Available as a CD and Download to Own


Das Hokey Kokey

Bill’s cockney tribute to German electro legends Kraftwerk.


  1. Radio Edit
  2. Original Version
  3. Original Version (Vocoder Mix)

Available on CD

The Ultimate Collection Ever


  1. Classical Cockney
  2. Cockney Medley (Studio Version)
  3. Dr Qui (Studio Version)
  4. Drum ’N’ Bush
  5. French Siren
  6. Hats off to the Zebras (Studio Version)
  7. Phillip Glass Plays Pop Goes The Weasel
  8. Insect Nation (Studio Version)
  9. Leg of Time (Studio Version)
  10. Richard Clayderman Plays Three Blind Mice
  11. Tom Waits Plays Three Blind Mice
Part Troll


  1. I Will Not Look At Titties For a Year
  2. How Can I Feel Pain
  3. Text Song
  4. Love Song
  5. New National Anthem
  6. Drum ‘N’ Bush
  7. New National Anthem
  8. BBC News Theme
  9. Ein Mal, Svein Mal, Drein Mal Una Dame
  10. Das Hokey Kokey


  1. Beautiful Ladies
  2. Daytime Drum ’N’ Bass Babylon
  3. Disenfranchised Owl
  4. French Siren
  5. Irish Countdown
  6. Lion Song
  7. Midnight in Parliament Square
  8. Unisex Chip Shop (Live Version 2)
  9. Snow White
Cosmic Jam


  1. Snooker Theme
  2. Hats Off to the Zebras (Live Version)
  3. Duelling Xylophones
  4. Mastermind Theme
  5. New Mastermind Theme
  6. Cosmic Jam
  7. Classical Cockney
  8. Insect Nation (Full Band Version)
  9. The Greatest Cockney Rock Album In the World Ever
  10. Hats Off to the Zebras (Reprise)
  11. Bridgewater Community Centre Jazz