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For the last few years, Stoptober has been helping thousands of people to quit smoking, and this year I’m supporting them. If you want to give up, or have tried before and not managed it, maybe this is the time. I know first hand how hard it is to quit, and how you need all the support you can, and that’s where the campaign comes in. So give it a go..

Ridgeway Walk 2015
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So we did it! 87 miles in 6 days, from Ivinghoe Beacon in the east, to Avebury stone circle in the west. Huge thanks to the brilliant folk who helped to organise, cajole, and generally to solve this logistical tesseract, especially Mita you are a marvel! And all those who walked with me, who offered words of encouragement along the way. The last section was Ogbourne St George to Avebury ; the sun came out and I was treated to a rare sighting of Limenitis camilla, or a White Admiral butterfly if you prefer, glancing and gliding over my head. Then the slow descent into the Stone Circle of Avebury, my favourite henge. My number one in the henge charts. Not just bigger than Stonehenge, but more tactile, more stone-touchy. More spiritual. And as if to make the point, I met a lovely couple celebrating their pagan wedding.

I rested my head against these ancient stones, felt their healing power, drank some ale, had a packet of crisps and dreamed of sleep.  To commemorate my mum’s passing ten years ago I set up this page. One last mention before I start planning my next venture. Thanks all . BB

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Going live on BBC iPlayer tonight from 21.00 is Bill’s Love Song co-starring the brilliant Emma Thompson.

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The first televisual outing of QUALMPEDDLER is tonight, folks! …at 22:50 on Channel 4.