Bill-y Holiday
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Bill’s UK tour is now sadly over, and for the many of you who are only just recovering from the audio-visual comedic assault that was Tinselworm, you may be slightly dismayed to find yourself slap bang in front of a certain festive holiday, with all kinds of gift-related worries. Others of you may be experiencing a slightly empty feeling, something akin to a factory rejected Kinder Surprise that is sans toy, and are looking for a way to recapture the Tinselworm experience. Luckily for all of you, help is at hand.

As you are probably aware, the official site now features an entirely digitised version of Bill’s head, and in the new merchandise shop located somewhere behind his right eye is a host of treasures large enough to conceal the base of even the largest Christmas tree, and fill several hundred Kinder eggs. Yes, that’s right… the Tinselworm Tour Merchandise is now available to buy online.

So if you didn’t manage to pick up a Tour Programme at the gig, then now’s your chance to get hold of it (complementary badges, plectrums, Das Hokey Kokey CD and all). Perhaps you could spend this winter reading it by the fireside as you sit cosily in your Tinselworm T-Shirt and sip cocoa from the official Tour Mug. Or if sticking it to the man is more your thing, then you might prefer the anti-corporate “I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Bitch” T-Shirt and Mug combo (which, like all of the tour merchandise, are made using ethical and fairtrade products). Amongst the other items available are Tinselworm Button Badges and BB Signature Plectrums – great for stocking fillers or (top tip coming up…) hiding inside Kinder eggs as a suprise for the true BB fanatic.

All of the previous merchandise, including the recently released ‘Many Moods of Bill Bailey’ songbook, is also still available in the shop. And what with all the audio and video goodies that are concealed within the corridors of Bill’s new online-mind, you should find plenty to occupy yourself with over the long winter evenings. Happy holidays…

New Tour… New Site.
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Well, if you hadn’t guessed from the echoes still reverberating from Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium, the Tinselworm tour is now underway. Bill will now begin a gradual movement Southwards expected to last around a month, and produce music, comedy and laughter likely to reach around 6.8 on the Richter scale. Those of you attending these gigs will also have the opportunity to enter a special competition, with a mystery prize.

To coincide with this gargantuan tour will be the launch of a suitably epic new website next week. That’s right, say your last goodbyes to this modest abode, as it will soon be replaced by a new-fangled, ultra-modern comedy pad, with all new interactive elements including themed rooms to explore Bill’s world, exclusive audio and video clips, unseen footage, podcasts and one of those fairground grabby things.

So remember to check back next week for that. And if you happen to live anywhere near an arena then be warned, the Tinselworm is wending its way towards you…

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What the public wants, the public gets. And it seems that the question on the lips of the nation at the moment is: “Will Bill be entering Eurovision?”

Well thanks to the demand created by online groups and petitions such as this one, Bill has decided to put himself forward for the next contest. And being the man of the people that he is, he’s going to let you choose his entry and will be working on some new songs which you will have the opportunity to vote for.

So if you’d like to see Bill step onto the Eurovision stage to the accompaniment of Terry Wogan’s wry commentary, and deliver a great UK entry for once, then keep watching the website for your opportunity to vote.

Oh, and while you’re waiting, why not grab a copy of the September issue of Maxim, which features an interview with Bill. It’s out nice and early at the end of this month.

Bootleg Bill
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Ever wondered what Barry Evans, the Welsh tribute act Bill Bailey, is really like? Well, sadly, he is purely a fiction and we can only ever imagine…

So to make that task easier, why not join Bill this August on Radio 2, as he hosts a four part series exploring the phenomenon of the tribute act, and examining their peculiar brand of musical artistry.

Earth, Wind, for Hire airs on Wednesdays at 11pm, and promises to lift the veil on the mysterious world of tribute artists. Each week, Bill will investigate a different aspect of the tribute industry, interviewing musicians and academics, and questioning how well the music holds up in its own right. Along the way we will hear from such luminaries in the field as The Bootleg Beatles, Bjorn Again, The Counterfeit Stones and Greenish Day.

So be sure to tune in for the first show on August 22nd. And rest assured, it’s hosted by Bill Bailey himself (no imitations).

Bill's Little Pony
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Good news for those of you who are fans of both Bill Bailey and My Little Pony, but have never found a way to marry the two interests.

On the 26th and 27th of October the UK International My Little Pony Convention 2007 will be in Bristol and, as part of a charity auction, they will be selling a pony signed by Bill himself. The money raised by this will go to The Rainbow Centre, and you can find more details about the event at the Ponycon Website.

So if you’re looking for a way to fill that annoying gap on the shelf, in between your pony collection and your Bewilderness DVD, then feel free to go along.

For Your Consideration
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You may be aware that Bill Bailey has written a book. But it's not the Bill Bailey you're thinking of, nor is it his doppelganger/reflection in a highly-polished cheese counter. The Bill in question is Sergeant Bill Bailey, who flew bombers during World War II, and has recently published Alone I Fly, an account of his experiences.

The sole survivor of a disastrous bombing mission in North Africa, Bill spent days alone in the desert awaiting rescue. Later serving on several other unusual posts, and flying in many more dangerous missions, he managed to survive through his determination and ingenuity.

A vivid and honest account of his truly extraordinary experience, this is a unique and memorable book which deserves to reach a wider audience. But, I hear you ask, is there any reason, besides authorial name, that it should be mentioned here?

Well, yes. Bill read the book himself and loved it, finding it gripping, and a fascinating picture of wartime life, and wanted to use this opportunity to encourage you to check it out. So why not show your continuing, unprejudiced support for Bill Baileys of all varieties by visiting Sgt. Bailey's website, and ordering yourself a copy.

Breaking News
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After months spent in his shed working on the perfect formula for a live comedy show, Bill is now almost ready to unleash the details of his next UK Arena tour onto an unsuspecting public.

Unsuspecting, that is, apart from you, as the details will be released here first, and you can expect the official announcement of the tour very shortly.

Beginning in late Autumn this year, Bill will be visiting Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Brighton and London.

And, most excitingly, some of the best seats for each show have been saved just for you, and will be available here, exclusively, for a week before tickets go on sale to the general public.

So make sure you keep checking back, as the full details of the tour, including the onsale date, will be announced very soon.

Signed Bill Bailey Merchandise on eBay
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Currently selling here on eBay is a collection of BB merchandise which includes:
– The Classic Collection DVD Box Set
– A T-Shirt
– A Signed Photo

And, drum-roll….
– A Signed Plectrum that was actually used in Part Troll!

All of these items were donated by Bill in support of Comic Relief, which will receive 100% of the proceeds, so you can feel completely unashamed about throwing extravagant amounts of money at it.

The sale ends at 10pm on Wednesday, so get your bids in quickly.

Cosmic Shindig: Listen Again
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If you were unfortunate enough to miss Bill with the BBC Concert Orchestra on Friday night, then don’t worry. The Cosmic Shindig is currently available on the BBC’s Radio Player, and will be until Friday.

Phill Jupitus Appearance Cancelled
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Unfortunately Bill will not be able to appear on the Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show on Friday, due to illness. Luckily he has strong regenerative powers, and will be back on his feet soon.

Any messages of goodwill can be sent in the usual way, through cosmic rays psychically transmitted into his brain.