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Why Are We The Way We Are?

Posted by Bill on March 26th, 2009

Many thanks to everyone who sent in their essays following my request on Twitter yesterday:

@RealBillBailey: Ok, your task for today, to write a 140 character essay on “Why we are the way we are”..

Yes – he I did say “140 word essay” originally, but you knew what I meant. Here are my top 25 answers!

@AlmightyHoogs Why we are the way we are is that due to our surroundings and our lifes……err balls i had it there for a second

@deanomarr mam,dad;siblings;peers;love,life,work,play;kids;past,present and future; the sum of all the above + time and experience = me

@dsabar Essay:We propagate in the shade of our parents beliefs & knowledge, then cast adrift on the seas of
our peers’ prejudices

@emmacoomber Is it nature, is it nurture? There are proponents of both, most likely a complex interaction
between the two…

@english_teeth Because we operate within constraints, we are bound by higher forces and must find ways express to ourselves within 140 char

@foxiehaha The Media and custard creams.

@glaikat easy, scrumpy and acid.

@HelenHenderson We are the way we are because Chuck Norris says so :-)

@joeadamfry Nature, Nurture, Sex and Biscuits; and our desire for all four, mediated only by gravity, ignorance, inertia and solipsism.

@JohnnyKGB : Because what else would we be…?

@machupiku essay – because that is
what the Flying Spaghetti Monster (by the power of His noodley appendages) made

@mattimago Due to living in a socially and morally bereft epoch, dependent on the inadequacies of others to feel superior.

@MickPuck (with apologies to John Cooper Clarke) To express oneself with any accuracy in a hundred and forty characters is very diffic

@Monfitz A world where resources are scarce has evolutionarily ingrained a deep sense of greed that affects all the aspects our mind

@noseyparker1 Any chance of you coming to southport? (I JUST LIKE THIS COS IT”S SO RANDOM AND

@OhDaniB Choice. We always have choice, and we choose how and who we “be” at any given moment. Simple, and so complicated.

@P2C2E Because of varying ratios of ingenuity to stupidity as they interact with cause and effect.

@patientman Life is a battle between animal instinct & misunderstood emotions. The only winners are money,
stupidity & laughter.

@philhepple The sun burns us, the night scares us, we are occupied by time/weather, we applaud those who are complete idiots. then death

@RealTamster humans evolve adapting fight love forage being adventuresome mischievous beautifully creating and hatefully tearing down.

@red1hols I am the way I am because if I am facing any other way, I can’t see my monitor.

@reeetpetite A convergence of evolution, genes, environment, experience and general cussedness. And wine.

@tullyapple We are as we are because if we weren’t as we were we wouldn’t be as we are, we would be as we weren’t or rather wouldn’t be.

@VicksG Because of society, it’s expectations and the demands it places on people.

@WGDurrant We are the way we are because of the way we are. If we weren’t the way we were we wouldn’t be the way we are! Us being us makes us us.