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Vote For Sonisphere At The 2011 UK Festival Awards

Posted by Luke on October 5th, 2011

Did you attend Sonisphere this year? If you did we hope that you enjoyed Bill’s astounding headline set and agree with Bill that “Sonisphere 2011 was Epic!!!”

Voting is now live in the UK Festival Awards and gives you chance to vote for your favourite festivals, artists and tracks from this summer. There are prizes up for grabs if you vote too.

Head on over to to vote and if you are unsure which festival to vote for perhaps watching this video will help you make up your mind.

Get in there quickly though as voting closes on October 10th 2011.

BTW – We were voting for Sonisphere 2011 before we’d even seen the video ;-)

Happy Voting!

Sonisphere 2011 Crowds

Sonisphere Festival 2011 Crowds (Photo: Andy Hollingworth Archive)


Merchandise survey competition winners

Posted by Bombyx Mori on August 4th, 2009

The winners are entry number 2031 on the spreadsheet; merchandise survey completers Steve Kerns and Heather Talbot from Walkden, Manchester. The winning ticket was chosen by Bill, 2031 being the last four digits of the serial number of his train ticket to Manchester.

When told he was the winner, a disbelieving Steve exclaimed ”I’ve never won anything in my life, that can’t be right!”. Once over the initial shock, Steve got it together enough and asked to see the show at The Lowry, Salford, on Sunday 14 June. Post gig, Steve said, “We’ve only really got our breath back from laughing so much – the show was hilarious, and it was great to meet Bill. A true gentleman! Thanks for the opportunity, it was a great show and we were really pleased to meet Bill. Hopefully he didn’t think we were too odd…..”.

Bill Bailey

Steve is on the right, with Heather next to him. The others are his brother and friend. The bloke without a Bill Bailey poster is Bill Bailey.

WIN VIP passes and two tickets to a show from the Bill Bailey: Live 2009 Tour

Posted by Bill on June 8th, 2009


This competition is now closed.

(subject to terms & conditions)

Bill Bailey Merchandising recognises that the customer is right most of the time and so would like to get inside your minds and hear about what you want with regards to their products (not your life in general as they don’t have the administrative support for that). So let them know what you think via the link below and, for a lucky questionnaire-filler-in selected at random, Bill will see you on tour. Bonne chance.

Oh, and you won’t have to worry about them passing on your details to any other party as they won’t, or we’ll give them a Chinese burn or worse.

(note from Bill: Is the term Chinese burn offensive?  What do Chinese people call the spinny round wrist twizzle? The English Unpleasantness?)

This competition is now closed.