Something hairy’s on the telly tonight! Also features baboons.

Posted by Bombyx Mori on April 8th, 2011

Tonight at 8pm on ITV1 and ITV1HD you can see Bill Bailey’s Baboons. It’s a series of 8.

3 Responses to “Something hairy’s on the telly tonight! Also features baboons.”

  1. Tarek Says:

    Insanely funny person!!! They called the cops on me laughing so loud to Dandelion Mind.

  2. Major Willoughby Chase Says:

    I’ve been watching the series on ITV on demand online, splendid work. You have now joined the select clique of people who make me laugh that have done documentaries with apes… Terry Pratchett’s Jungle Quest (with Orangs… of course) and now Bailey’s Baboons, hairier than Charlie’s Angels, will you be fighting crime with them?

  3. Debbie from Utah, USA Says:

    This was a delightful series. The baboon thoughts interjected by Bill made it fun and interesting. I can certainly understand the frustration of the people. I’m starting to understand the pride, fear, and familyhood of the baboons. I hope that more strides can be made to ease the friction between man and baboon. It must have been hard to film when you cannot jump in to help. Thanks for making this series. I really enjoyed it.

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