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Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang – in cinemas from Friday 26 March

Posted by Bombyx Mori on March 25th, 2010

Tomorrow sees the release of Emma Thompson’s latest film about a nanny, which premiered in London’s Leicester Square last night. Bill is in it.

Click here to see a video of Bill being fed a biscuit by a journalist:

After The Oscars

Posted by Bill on March 23rd, 2010

Now that the Oscar huff and puffery has died down,  it’s time to judge the glories, the gaffes, the frocks, the speeches.. the…blah, di blah… yawwwwn.

Sorry, almost put myself to sleep there.

I watched The Hurt Locker again, and while I quite enjoyed it the first time, it’s just another unremarkable war film.. one-note performances, clichéd dialogue, action and characters.  I thought District 9 was a far better film – witty, gripping and ambitious. And every year I  cringe at the patronizing and insulting category Best Foreign Language Film.. foreign for who? For timid, parochial west-coast ninnies who think that an adventurous holiday is  a hotel in Hawaii, that isn’t full board. Weirdly, English is a foreign language in some parts of the world…

Avatar is a big simplistic wagging dog of a film, so it’s hard not like it, and even though it’s as morally complex as an episode of Last of the Summer Wine, it still is an extraordinary spectacle in the cinema.

But really, Oscars are like any awards, they shine a light for a moment, and then we’re back to reality, and the reality is, people will watch what they want, you can only influence them up to a point because the most powerful tool in marketing a film is word of mouth.  No amount of critical garlands heaped on a film will sustain it if people come out saying it was boring.

Up rightly won Best Animated Feature, and is a joy to behold – the opening 10 minutes are probably the most moving and ambitious of any animated film I’ve ever seen.

But as always, I  feel that we in the UK are like the kid who doesn’t know about the party, when films which haven’t even been released here are up for Oscars.

So now I’m away to watch District 9 again, those fookin prawns, man!

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