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Bill’s 12 Days of Christmas

Posted by Helperworme on December 25th, 2009

We hope you’re enjoying the festivities.

To help break up the boredom between repeats, Bill has recorded a special series of video clips exclusively for the website where he brings his own personal version of the 12 days of Christmas to life.

We have linked each of these clips to a bauble on Bill’s Christmas tree and each will be activated (and be available to click) on the corresponding day of Christmas, starting today with bauble number 1, tomorrow number 2 and so on.

Check back each day until 5th January 2010 to play Bill’s video for that day (or to play previous day’s clips).

Visit our special Christmas page here.

Also, check out Bill’s seasonal message on the home page of the site. Just click the easel!

“Have a tremendous (non-faith specific) winter solstice pagan-style knees-up, from me, in the bunker, with a glass of Shiraz – BB x”

Have We Got News For You

Posted by Helperworme on December 17th, 2009

Bill is back from tour! (we know because we’ve just heard him humming that “Killing In The Name Of” ditty). Yes, his remarkable Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra tour has sadly come to an end but, whist the alpine horn may now safely be nestling in its horn bag, there’s no rest for Bill…

He’s currently in the process of reading headlines such as “Octopus snatches coconut and runs” and, “Chinese performer wows with speedy face mask changes” as he prepares for hosting this week’s Have I Got News For You, which airs on Friday 18 December at 9pm on BBC1.

Yesterday he was seen on set for the Alcohol: It’s No Joke campaign. We’ll hear more about this in the New Year, but in the meantime you can follow them on Twitter at @alcoholnojoke.

Alcohol Is No Joke

This is not the shopping list for an aftershow party
(we’re alright for violent assault and vodka at the moment, cheers)

Bill can also be seen on the Christmas Eve episode of QI on BBC1 at 10pm. This episode’s subject will be: Groovy. Bill appears with David Tennant, Lee Mack and Alan Davies.

In addition to the Twittering he’s been doing, Bill has been twitching, playing host to two celebrity teams in a series of tough, competitive bird watching challenges in Sky1 HD’s brand new six-part series, Bill Bailey’s Birdwatching Bonanza starting on Thursday 7 January at 9pm on Sky1 HD and Sky1.

In audio news, listen out for The People’s Classical Chart on 28 December at 12pm on BBC Radio 2. Bill reveals the top 30 most-heard classical recordings across Britain over the past 75 years, building towards the announcement of the one that’s been played the most on the radio, in shops, supermarkets, restaurants, airport lounges, hold music, lifts…everywhere but your local Wetherspoons, really.

Merchandise News – Bill’s Signing Session

Posted by Helperworme on December 17th, 2009

All Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra DVD/Blu-Ray & Inevitable Box Sets To Be Signed

No word of a lie. Bill was so pleased with all of your comments that he has decided to sign all Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra DVD/Blu-Ray and Inevitable Box sets to Christmas and beyond. Order before Monday 21 December and the The Royal Mail elves hope to have it to you before the arrival of the sleigh of Santa. Please opt for Special Delivery if you would like a tracking reference.


The X-ray Head tour t-shirt was an overnight success. This means they are sold out, so apologies for that. However, if you simply must have something representative of a French Horn inside Bill’s head, a similar design is featured on the few remaining original t-shirts we have left. Human Slaves (the t-shirts) also proved popular, with only a few left, so hurry if you want to show some solidarity for your brethren in an insect nation.

New Additions To Our Chest-Wear Range

There are a couple of additions to Bill’s chest-wear range; the Moral Guidance t-shirt, sporting “a new certification preferable to Parental Guidance, which can sometimes be unreliable”, says Bill, and the Night Bee t-shirt, portraying “a nightmarish vision of the future where bees are recruited by the government to spy on us”.

Unexpected Bags In The Area

“We are all unexpected items in the bagging area of life”, explains Bill as he views the latest eco bag range. These are really great fun; either black, strong and gusseted – just what we like in a bag – or “natural” (like tights of a similar persuasion), lighter and more easily stuff-into-pocketable, which is what we like our other bags to be like.

The Snellen Chart bags have had people guessing (not to mention rushing to their nearest optician’s, if they could find it) and again, they have proved so popular that we have included the design on a light weight range, perfect for stuffing in to your other pocket or filling some nearby stocking with.

Screen Prints

A few limited edition screen prints are back on-line for sale. Signed by both Bill and artist Joe Magee, these are a special buy, and are likely to feature on some futuristic Antiques Roadshow someday.

Programmes Back in Stock

We also have a limited quantity of programmes from the Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra tour in stock. Once they’ve sold out they’re gone forever!!!!

Check out all of the merchandise here

Telegraph Review: Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra

Posted by Bombyx Mori on December 4th, 2009

Bill reveals that bits of paper stuck to instruments are the secret to the show’s success…