Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra

Posted by Bill on September 22nd, 2009

A Series Of Very Special Live Events

Following on from last year’s sell out shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall, and the critically acclaimed BBC2 show that followed, Bill Bailey has today announced a select series of very special live events for his REMARKABLE GUIDE TO THE ORCHESTRA.

These unique shows will provide fans with a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Bill’s surreal comic and musical imagination at its best as he is let loose to perform alongside some of the country’s finest orchestras, accompanied by Academy Award© winning conductor Anne Dudley, one of the UK’s most celebrated composers and arrangers.

A classically trained musician, Bill has for many years incorporated all manner of music in his comedy. However, this show takes things to a new level. Playing alongside a full orchestra, BILL BAILEY’S REMARKABLE GUIDE… is an irreverent tour around the instruments of the orchestra, by way of 70’s cop show music, news themes, Bill’s own songs and some of Anne’s specially written new works. Hear the trombone’s affection for Cockney music and find out what bassoon players are secretly obsessed with. It’s a truly unique show which The Guardian described as “sublime hilarity” and Stephen Fry described as “wonderfully enjoyable… like driving a Rolls-Royce off-road”.

The show opens at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff on Friday 6 November 2009 where Bill will be performing alongside the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Further performances are confirmed for Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool, Coventry and Edinburgh before culminating at Gateshead’s Sage Centre on 14 December 2009, alongside The Northern Sinfonia. Tickets are priced from £25 to £60.

Booking links and telephone numbers can be found on the Tour page.

11 Responses to “Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra”

  1. john burke Says:

    Could you tell me if the show is suitable for young children (6 yrs)?

  2. Carla Says:

    pleeeeeeease tell us you’re bringing the tour to Australia! pretty please pretty please?!

  3. Ben Says:

    Bought 2 tickets for the Belfast Odyssey gig as soon as I heard about this! Always wanted to see Bill live, the man is a genius (Like Rolf Harris only completely and utterly nothing like him). I bought two tickets so I could bring the wife, managed to get 9th row tickets. Wish I decided to leave the wife at home now as there was one ticket left for front row at the same price, (w)life truly is a bitch.


    Yo Bill! I came to the Bristol Hippodrome to see you….was wicked, well done mate. Saw your cokney rhymn on you tube…da da da da da da…ave a banana! was waiting for that all night in bristol….love it, all my family are from london, so i understand. Im living in Bath mate and used to drink in the hat and feather, have a good mate who reckons he knows you. A very good friend of mine has booked for the o2, 11th december…i cant wait, pls do…ave a banana! and the wink, your expressions are wicked…no shit, ive got half of Bath saying it! you should be proud. all my mates think i should be on stage with you….give us a bell mate (mobile number removed!)

  5. Stephen Says:

    Just watched the DVD as it was released in NZ yesterday. Any chance of bring the show to New Zealand? it’s fantastic. we ahve some good orchestras here that could back you. Please tour here with it.

  6. fiona Says:

    Hi, as per the earlier request, please can someone tell me if this show is suitable for children? (Aged 6 & 8). I bought 4 tickets for Dublin this Saturday and I need to know if I can take the children or invite two adults instead!! I’m looking forward to the gig, BB is a genius!

  7. Maurice Lynch Says:

    Same question as above, is the show suitable for an 8 year old (and 41 year old for that matter)

  8. Helper Worm Says:

    The show is officially a PG certificate and should be fine for children aged 8 or over accompanied by an adult. However, the show should really be fine for all ages as it contains little or no swearing (certainly none that I can remember) and has proven very popular with younger audiences. I hope you all enjoy the show!!

  9. Maurice Says:

    Loved the show! Incredibly entertaining, to the point I want to start watching 70’s cop shows and Emerdale (Hmm combine the two?)

  10. Lucy P Says:

    Hey! Was just wondering if this year’s RGTTO is the same as last year’s one? I’ve bought tickets already, but I was under the impression this would be a Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra part II (if you see what I’m saying!) My friend saw it on TV last year and loved it, so I have got them tickets for this December – just hoping it’s slighty different :)

    We love you Bill!!!!! xxxxx

  11. Tim Says:

    Dear Bill,
    In response to your comment that the only piece of classical music to have the motif ‘ave a banana’ in it is the William Tell Overture (which doesn’t), I have GENUINELY found an example.

    Try to find a recording of Herbert Sumsion’s Magnificat in G for SATB and organ. The ‘ave a banana’ motif can be found in the organ part at least once!


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