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New Tour… New Site.

Posted by on November 10th, 2007

Well, if you hadn’t guessed from the echoes still reverberating from Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium, the Tinselworm tour is now underway. Bill will now begin a gradual movement Southwards expected to last around a month, and produce music, comedy and laughter likely to reach around 6.8 on the Richter scale. Those of you attending these gigs will also have the opportunity to enter a special competition, with a mystery prize.

To coincide with this gargantuan tour will be the launch of a suitably epic new website next week. That’s right, say your last goodbyes to this modest abode, as it will soon be replaced by a new-fangled, ultra-modern comedy pad, with all new interactive elements including themed rooms to explore Bill’s world, exclusive audio and video clips, unseen footage, podcasts and one of those fairground grabby things.

So remember to check back next week for that. And if you happen to live anywhere near an arena then be warned, the Tinselworm is wending its way towards you…

The Many Moods

Posted by on November 10th, 2007

As if you weren’t spoilt enough this month with a new national tour, but Bill’s new song book, The Many Moods of Bill Bailey is now in stock at the merchandise section. Everyone at Bill Bailey Merchandising is really excited at the launch of Bill’s first ever published book, which features piano & guitar notation and lyrics for 9 of his best-loved compositions:

Leg of Time
Insect Nation
Midnight in Parliament Square
Hats Off to the Zebras
Unisex Chip Shop
Love Song
Beautiful Ladies
Redneck Redemption
Death Metal Lullaby (Nemsis of the Vole)