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Posted by on July 21st, 2007

What the public wants, the public gets. And it seems that the question on the lips of the nation at the moment is: “Will Bill be entering Eurovision?”

Well thanks to the demand created by online groups and petitions such as this one, Bill has decided to put himself forward for the next contest. And being the man of the people that he is, he’s going to let you choose his entry and will be working on some new songs which you will have the opportunity to vote for.

So if you’d like to see Bill step onto the Eurovision stage to the accompaniment of Terry Wogan’s wry commentary, and deliver a great UK entry for once, then keep watching the website for your opportunity to vote.

Oh, and while you’re waiting, why not grab a copy of the September issue of Maxim, which features an interview with Bill. It’s out nice and early at the end of this month.

Bootleg Bill

Posted by on July 21st, 2007

Ever wondered what Barry Evans, the Welsh tribute act Bill Bailey, is really like? Well, sadly, he is purely a fiction and we can only ever imagine…

So to make that task easier, why not join Bill this August on Radio 2, as he hosts a four part series exploring the phenomenon of the tribute act, and examining their peculiar brand of musical artistry.

Earth, Wind, for Hire airs on Wednesdays at 11pm, and promises to lift the veil on the mysterious world of tribute artists. Each week, Bill will investigate a different aspect of the tribute industry, interviewing musicians and academics, and questioning how well the music holds up in its own right. Along the way we will hear from such luminaries in the field as The Bootleg Beatles, Bjorn Again, The Counterfeit Stones and Greenish Day.

So be sure to tune in for the first show on August 22nd. And rest assured, it’s hosted by Bill Bailey himself (no imitations).

International Animal Rescue Appeal

Posted by Bill on July 20th, 2007

IAR has set up sanctuaries in India to look after the rescued bears, but it desperately needs further funding to provide extra land and facilities . In the past four years they have already rescued nearly 400 bears, but it is estimated that there may still be several hundred being ‘danced’ on the streets.

I went to India in November 2005 with IAR and visited the sanctuaries, which are fantastic havens for these poor creatures. The bears might live for up to forty years, but once they’re taken off the streets, they can’t be released back into the wild as they have become too accustomed to human contact. These sanctuaries are vital not just for the well-being of these damaged animals, but for their survival.

If you want to find out more about the work of International Animal Rescue, or support them with a donation and help to end the suffering of the dancing bears, go to the website or give them a ring on 01825 767688 and tell them I sent you!