The Ultimate Collection….ever!

The Ultimate Collection... Ever!

Classical Cockney

Bill reveals the presence of hidden Cockney motifs in classical masterworks.

Cockney Medley (Studio Version)

A medley of classic pop songs performed in Cockney style. Originally performed live as “The Greatest Cockney Rock Album in the World Ever”. Includes two sections not in the live version, ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Cars’, but does not include ‘I Will Survive’ or ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Dr Qui (Studio Version)

Dr Who theme tune in the style of Belgian Jazz, with French lyrics.

Drum ‘n’ Bush

George W. Bush quotes set to a pulsating beat.

French Siren

Lyrics to a French ambulance siren, describing the plight of two lovers caught in a tree.

Hats off to the Zebras (Studio Version)

Spoof Brian Adams song, identifying the zebra as the ideal model of racial equality.

Phillip Glass plays Pop Goes the Weasel

Minimalist piano version of the classic nursery rhyme.

Insect Nation (Studio Version)

Apocalyptic rock-opera about disgruntled insects rising up against humans and taking us as their slaves. Misses out original epilogue about worms going to the shops, and being employed by a wasp.

Leg of Time (Studio Version)

Prog rock tribute which attempts to identify who stole the leg of time. Track begins with a short U2 and Slayer spoof.

Richard Clayderman plays Three Blind Mice

Much dramatised, melodic piano version of the nursery rhyme.

Tom Waits plays Three Blind Mice

Spoof Tom Waits version of the nursery rhyme.

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