Part Troll

Part Troll

I Will Not Look at Titties for a Year

Hillbilly song. After discovering that American spends enough on pornography each year to cancel out third world debt, one American takes it upon himself to do something about it.

How Can I Feel Pain?

A self-pitying American rock song about a spoilt teenager.

Text Song

Mundane rock song in which two teenagers’ plans to meet are constantly foiled by mobile phone problems.

Love Song

A rock ballad in the Scott Walker tradition, which Bill claims encompasses all aspects of love; betrayal, hatred, and depression.

The Scale of Evil

Freeform jazz-scat singing, accompanied by images of the most evil people in history. De Burgh features prominently, of course.

New National Anthem

Bill suggests a national anthem, which better suits our national mentality, by performing Zippe-dee-doo-dah in the style of Portishead.

Drum ‘n’ Bush

George W. Bush quotes set to a pulsating beat.

BBC News Theme

Bill performs the news theme as an apocalyptic rave.

Ein Mal, Svein Mal, Drein Mal Una Dame

A classic love song, performed in German.

Das Hokey Kokey

Kraftwerk spoof, attempting to meld their robotic style with the rhythms of the hokey kokey.

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