Hats Off to the Zebras (Keyboard Version)

Radio Shuttleworth. This version performed on keyboard, in the “Impress an Impressario” section of Radio Shuttleworth.

MORI Poll to Major John

Chirpy Chappies. David Bowie spoof about John Major.

Romeo and Juliet

Chirpy Chappies. Rock song about a drunk Romeo coming home to Juliet.

Should I Suck or Should I Blow?

Chirpy Chappies. Rock song about oral sex.

Unisex Chip Shop (Live Version 1)

Is it Bill Bailey? Spoof Billy Bragg song in which he attempts to rescue a female chip-shop worker from an oppressive, misogynist regime. Slightly longer than other versions, with an extra line about a sausage.

Unisex Chip Shop (Glastonbury Version)

Glastonbury 2004. Performed live on stage with Billy Bragg, after a chance meeting at the festival.

Who Will Buy My Books Today?

Black Books. Manny lures customers into his shop by playing guitar and singing about the books on offer.
Cut out of Black Books episode 1.2, but available on the outtakes on the Series 1 DVD.

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