Cosmic Jam

Cosmic Jam

Snooker Theme

A rendition of the classic BBC snooker theme, featuring the previously unknown hidden section.

Hats off to the Zebras (Live Version)

Spoof Brian Adams song, identifying the zebra as the ideal model of racial equality.

Duelling Xylophones

The classic scene from Deliverance is re-enacted, with a slightly less wieldy instrument.

Mastermind Theme

Bill plays the classic theme on keyboard emphasising it’s terrifying nature.

New Mastermind Theme

An upbeat, friendly version.

Cosmic Jam

Classical Cockney

Bill reveals the presence of hidden Cockney motifs in classical masterworks.

Insect Nation (Full Band Version)

Apocalyptic rock-opera about disgruntled insects rising up against humans and taking us as their slaves. Performed by “The Stan Ellis Experiment”

The Greatest Cockney Rock Album in the World Ever

A medley of classic pop songs performed in Cockney style. Performed by “The Stan Ellis Experiment”

Hats Off to the Zebras (Reprise)

Instrumental version, closing the show. Performed by “The Stan Ellis Experiment”

Bridgewater Community Centre Jazz

Bill returns for an encore, telling a story of rivalry in the solos of a jazz trio that has dire consequences.

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