Beautiful Ladies

Spoof Chris de Burgh song in which the monobrowed purveyor of ultimate filth pictures himself as the saviour of all the beautiful women in the world.

Daytime Drum ‘n’ Bass Babylon

Bill sets out-of-context quotes from daytime television presenters to a pulsating beat.

Disenfranchised Owl

An overly dark children’s rock song about an owl.

French Siren

Lyrics to a French ambulance siren, describing the plight of two lovers caught in a tree.

Irish Countdown

Bill suggests a revision of the Countdown theme tune using an Irish lilt.

Lion Song

Bill produces his own music for a wildlife documentary, in which lions lick their lips at the thought of only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate.

Midnight in Parliament Square

Spoof Phil Collins song criticising the government for their lack of concern about the homeless, as well as a number of stray cats, dogs and, apparently, amoebas. Requires much audience participation in the form of animal calls.

Unisex Chip Shop (Live Version 2)

Spoof Billy Bragg song in which he attempts to rescue a female chip-shop worker from an oppressive, misogynist regime.

Snow White

A reworking of the classic fairy tale, in the style of Slayer.

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