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Signed Photo Requests

For a signed picture send a stamped addressed envelope (size C5) to:
BB Fan Mail
PO Box 60815
W6 6EG

Only one picture will be sent per envelope and please allow up to 1 month for delivery.

International fans must enclose 2 x IRCs (International Reply Coupons), which are available from post offices and postal services of most countries, to cover reply postage for a 20g C5 envelope to your country.

Other Contacts

We are very sorry to disappoint, but because Bill already spends a lot of his time supporting a wide range of organisations, it is with regret that we are unable to respond positively to every request that Bill receives of a charity/sponsorship nature, and because of the amount of enquiries he gets, please try not to be angry if you don’t hear from us. We do hope that you understand.

Merchandise enquiries:

Bill Bailey Merchandising

Charity enquiries:

Bill receives a huge number of requests to support charities every year. The sheer volume of these requests and Bill’s constantly busy schedule means that it is only possible for him to offer his support to a set number of charitable organisations.

This year Bill Bailey will be supporting the following charities (and hopes that you will too!):

International Animal Rescue

Sumatran Orangutan Society

Asthma UK

Bowel Cancer UK

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Music House for Children

Youth Music

Good Vibrations

Wildeye Conservation Film Festival

Bill sincerely regrets that he will be unable to answer any additional requests to support charities at the moment.

Enquiries regarding comedy work, acting work, presenting and corporate events to:

Susan Husband

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