Here’s a list of things I’ve been in. Only the main ones really. Have a vague recollection of some of them. I remember meeting William Shatner on Space Cadets and being quite overawed, after all he’s Captain Kirk, a screen legend. Where’s Captain Kirk? by Spizz Energy was on the equivalent of my ipod, in the 80s.. when you say ipod it was a Walkman.

My TV series is here too. The sketches were mainly outdoors, location-based gags which I thought would be fun, writing them in the Summer, in London, but at the time I didn’t realise they’d be filmed in Scotland in January. In freezing rain. Most days we filmed were those days the police warn against all but essential travel. Mind you I have always thought that’s hard to quantify..who’s to say what’s essential, I mean what about, ‘There’s a blizzard out, but If I don’t get some fresh basil my tricolore salads will be a disaster.’

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