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Hot Fuzz


Tongue-in-cheek Brit action flick, conceived by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (who had previously collaborated with Bill on Spaced, and Is it Bill Bailey?). Featuring a host of British comedy talent, this film would of course not have been complete without Bill in the role of the West Country accented, grumpy desk sergeant(s), with a penchant for Iain Banks novels.

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Adaptation of Douglas Adam’s cult sci-fi novel directed by Garth Jennings with an all star cast including Martin Freeman, Mos Def, Bill Nighy, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman. Bill lends his voice to the iconic role of a Sperm Whale who is suddenly catapulted into existence above a large planet and must come to terms with his life in the short time before he reaches the surface.

Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Website | IMDB (Hitchhiker’s Guide)

Mini Adverts


A series of adverts narrated by Bill with the tagline “It’s a Mini adventure”. Mostly shown in cinemas, although some made it to television. The adverts Zombies, Frying Pan, Warning, Martians, Ad Hop, Backwards and Lost City all featured Bill’s sardonic tones.

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Saving Grace


British comedy about a middle-aged woman who grows cannabis to pay off the debts her dead husband left behind. Written by Craig Ferguson & Mark Crowby, and directed by Nigel Cole, it also stars Craig Ferguson, Brenda Blethyn and Martin Clunes. Bill cameos as small-time London drug dealer Vince, who finds himself out of his depth when Grace uses him as mediator with a French crime lord.

Saving Grace Website | IMDB (Saving Grace)

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